The quality of materials, manufacturing method, and mass and volume characteristics of their main elements are a guarantee of long service for VEZLER flexible connectors: fittings (nut, connecting piece, crimp sleeve), nipple, rubber hoses and braiding.


Nipples and connecting elements – swivel nut and barrel fitting – are some of the key elements directly responsible for the reliability and durability of a connector.

  • The nipple and connecting elements – swivel nut and connecting piece – are made of high-quality CW614N brass.
  • The rubber hose is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber (food grade rubber), which does not release harmful substances on contact with water, and thus is permitted for use in drinking water supply systems. EPDM is stable at high temperatures, making it possible to use VEZLER flexible connectors when installing heaters and hot water supply apparatus (to +95 °С).
  • Braiding and crimp sleeves are made of AISI304 stainless steel 0.18 mm thick with high corrosion resistance.

All of this guarantees high corrosion resistance, durability and long service life for the connector.


A special assembly method for the braided hose and coupling fittings guarantees proper, reliable attachment of these connector elements.
High-quality 8-thread braiding allows the connector to withstand an operating pressure of 10 atm. or more throughout its long service life.
A seamless crimp sleeve 22 mm long and 0.4 mm thick is used to crimp the braided hose in a VEZLER flexible connector.
Swivel nuts are fitted with a gasket for airtight coupling between the connector and other water supply system elements.

The flexible connector elements have some of the highest mass and volume parameters in their class:

  • fittings: the screw weighs as least 13.5 g, and the plate is 1.9 mm thick; the connecting piece weighs at least 21 g
  • nipple: the walls are from 0.9 to 1.2 mm thick, and the nipple weighs at least 7 g.

The hoses on all connectors have stickers showing the trademark, operating pressure and temperature and a bar code.